Gunter ISD

2022 BOND

Bond FAQs

Why did Gunter ISD call a bond election?

According to a demographic study, our student enrollment will increase by more than 1,700 students in the next ten years.

With both middle and high school already at functional capacity, if the bond passes, both would have more capacity with additional classrooms. Since 5th grade will be moving back down to the elementary level, the middle school will have more space. The new elementary school will have space for the projected growth.

How Would this Bond Affect the Future Facilities of GISD?

The bond amount is $78.8M and includes a new elementary school, classroom additions at the high school, expansions of the fine arts spaces at the high school, locker room expansion at the high school, a full-size gym and multi-purpose area at the middle school which will also serve as a storm shelter for the middle and high school students, address drainage issues along Tiger Lane and at the softball field; and lastly, the bond includes money to purchase land for future facilities. The expansions, additions and new facilities would provide space for our current growth and the money for land would provide potential future growth.

What Grade Levels Will the Elementary Have?

The Collaborative Visioning Committee explored various options and configurations of schools, grade levels, additions, and renovations. The committee agreed that it was in the district’s best interest to have a PreK through 5th grade model for all elementary schools. However, the committee also determined that it may be necessary to phase in grade levels based on enrollment, borrowing power, and construction costs. While the school would be designed to be PreK through 5th grade, it may not start out that way based on our enrollment at the time and construction costs.

Why Aren’t You Building a High School?

The Collaborative Visioning Committee met over the course of several months and contemplated many scenarios, including a new high school. Our student growth is increasing, but our taxable values limit the amount of money we can borrow. If we were to build a new high school, we wouldn’t be able to afford the whole new building with the ancillary items such as Fine Arts, Athletics, Vo-AG/CTE, parking, and all the other infrastructure that goes with it. Additionally, the demographic report shows continued growth at the elementary which would require more money for expansion at the existing elementary and/or middle school.

Have You Thought About Using the Old Elementary Building?

The committee looked at all options, including the viability of the Old Elementary. At this time, due to the lack of parking, food services, ADA compliance, energy efficiency codes, and TEA standards, it is not a viable solution for our current growth.

What Would Happen to the Existing Elementary School?

The existing elementary school would be used for academic purposes based on enrollment. At some point it may make sense for the committee to explore ways to re-purpose that building, but that is not the scope of this bond election.

How Much will the Bond Cost?

The bond is $78.8M which is the most we can borrow at this time that will not exceed the 50 cent limitation on the I&S tax rate. Currently, our I&S tax rate 45 cents. In short, 78.8M will increase the tax rate by 5 cents. If you would like to know how much 5 cents would impact your property tax, please refer to the tax calculator in the “Tax Info” tab in this website.

What Would Happen if the Bond Doesn’t Pass?

GISD would welcome the new families, students, teachers, and everyone else that comes in our community. We would educate those kids as best as we can and with the same passion as we have now. We would likely need more portables than we do now, as we are in the process of acquiring some, and may have to find more creative uses for our current space. Regardless of the outcome, Gunter would still be Gunter with the same Tiger Pride we’ve always had and enjoyed!

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