Gunter ISD

2022 BOND

Gunter ISD has experienced significant growth over the last several years, nearly 10% growth since last year.

According to the Texas Education Agency, we are growing faster than 92% of all the other districts across the state. The demographic projection has us growing by over seventeen hundred students by 2031. To put that in perspective, that is one and half times the size we are now. 

With that information in mind, GISD formed a Collaborative Visioning Committee made up of parents, business owners, and taxpayers to help us formulate a plan to address the growth. Over the course of several months, the committee analyzed the facilities, demographic projections, student growth by grade level, the costs associated with solutions, and finally our bonding capacity, or financial ability to pay for those solutions.

The committee determined the best thing to do with the money available is to tackle the growth holistically so that every campus could accommodate the growth. Their recommendation was to:

1. Build a new elementary school that will serve grades Pre-K through 5. This would relieve space at the middle school by taking the 5th grade back down to the elementary level. The new elementary school would have a storm shelter.

2. Build a practice gym and more dining space at the middle school along with adding an extra serving line at the cafeteria. The gym would also serve as a storm shelter for both the middle and high school students.

3. They also wanted to address the growth in our Fine Arts Program by renovating the existing spaces and adding more space for those students. Additionally, we would add more locker room space and 4 classrooms at the High School to accommodate growth at that campus.

4. Lastly, the committee recognizes that this will not be our last bond election and that there will likely be more to follow, particularly for a future high school. With the rising prices of land along with limited land availability, they wanted to be sure and allocate money for the district to procure land for future facilities.

The Committee unanimously agreed to recommend to the board to call a Bond election for 78.8 million to address the growth and future facilities of Gunter ISD.

Following the recommendation from the committee, the board unanimously voted to call the Bond election for May 7th for 78.8 million.

If you are new to the community, or have recently become eligible to vote, please register to vote BEFORE April 7th.

Early voting starts on April 25
Again Election Day is May 7th

For more information contact Scott Martindale, Superintendent (903) 433-4750 or visit